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TRENTA has a concept of "Always”.We would like to be with you “Always”. Whenever that may be and wherever  you are.

TRENTA means the number "30″ in Italy, and can be written "XXX“ in Rome     numeral.  Our standard number is “ 30 “ which is not too much or not too less.
We want to pursue and achieve the style of “30”.In ancient Rome, 10(X) means "Achievement", and each X in TRENTA(XXX) represents Completions of Culture, Passion and Style.

TRENTA - a totally street brand from Gangnam area in Seoul City, whose genes all from PLAN G’s inner cognition and certainty of advanced fashion trends. In February 2012, Brand “TRENTA” was created to develop headwear & eyewear for celebrities in Korea, and, its great reputation established less than 1 year which are noted for the quality of its material and design. In the following 2 years, Trenta has been introduced into Japanese market, and achieved success with more than 20 off-line stores & 5 on-line stores. Japan – where fashion brands innumerable, but “TRENTA” was ranked as TOP 10 on-line street fashion brands loved by Japanese.

From mid of 2015, Trenta gets into the Chinese market and opened more than 20 stores in one-year time. According to the strategic development route, “Trenta” is called & registered as “XXXTRENTA” in the Chinese market (Pronouncing as THIRTY TRENTA). The reason is because that the team wants to build a place where providing not just young people but also whose age over thirty, whoever you are, as long as you have an astir heart then “XXXTRENTA” welcomes you to join in the family.

XXXTRENTA is not just a street brand but more close to a real brand select store. Mix of Korean & world’s contemporary / lines of collect a Multi independent brand select store have faith in loyal customers; only forward the most correct trend from the fashion resorts worldwide. We specialize in a contemporary mix of upcoming world-famous fashion brands, independent Korean street brands & in-house brands.




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In October of 2015, Trenta opened a theme shop called "Museum Noise" in Korea, which covers Trenta, Supreme, and many other famous street brands in the world. As a collection of coffee shops, clothing sales and street culture show in one of the diversified concept of shops, has become the love of the young trend of choice.

fashion show from TRENTA & BOY LONDON

In 2015 of February and March, the Japanese TRENTA in Tokyo and Kobe were held with the well-known BOY LONDON CROSSOVER tide brand fashion show, at the same time, the South Korean famous singer "comeback album is MC Mong" all use the TRENTA accessories.

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